A move back to O levels

After completing their work at Kip McGrath last night I was brought in to a very erudite conversation about the impact of any potential change.

Erin, Helen and Louise are all at secondary school, (Year9 and Year10) and were worried about the potential devaluation of their exams, that in an employers eyes that those people with a current crop of strong GCSE passes will be seen as less academic than those pupils two or three years later with the same grades within the new O levels.

They then moved on to the thorny question of “are GCSE’s easier than O Levels?” What we all agreed eventually was that it seemed strange to constantly read that teachers are worse, students are less motivated and that exam results were better.

Oh, and I apologise to Una and Jane for keeping your daughter’s past their time, I just love the intelligent debate we can get with these senior pupils.

About sifish67

Co-owner of Kip McGrath Education Centres Ashford with wife Sally. Individualised learning programmes designed by fully qualified teachers with enhanced CRB checks. Providing quality education for 6-16 year olds who require tuition in maths, English, 11 , reading, comprehension, spelling and writing. Programmes are designed using a combination of books, worksheets and computer software which are exclusive to Kip McGrath Education Centres
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