English and maths ‘to be taught up to 18’

Under new proposals from Michael Gove the Government want pupils who do not receive a C grade at GCSE maths to continue studying maths to 18.

Sean Coughlan of BBC Education explains

“The changes, linked to raising the leaving age for education and training, will mean youngsters in the education system beyond 16 will be expected to reach an adequate level in maths and English.

Those who have already achieved a grade C or above at these subjects will be unaffected.

And in a detail which may indicate the proposed return of the O-level, supporting notes mention GCSE grades but the ministerial statement talks only about a “good pass”.

For those with near-miss D grades, there is an expectation pupils will re-take to get to a C grade or higher.

For those who have weaker skills, there will be other tests or lessons which might not lead to a qualification.”


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Co-owner of Kip McGrath Education Centres Ashford with wife Sally. Individualised learning programmes designed by fully qualified teachers with enhanced CRB checks. Providing quality education for 6-16 year olds who require tuition in maths, English, 11 , reading, comprehension, spelling and writing. Programmes are designed using a combination of books, worksheets and computer software which are exclusive to Kip McGrath Education Centres
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