Dream a Big Dream Writing Workshop

On Friday 22nd February we are holding our creative writing workshop, partly helping some of our students write their entry for the Dream a Big Dream writing competition.

We can’t wait to find out their dreams, whether large or small. We have space for 14 students and are close to capacity.

The local press has run with the competition and we expect one journalist to visit on the day.

We have an incredibly special and moving written piece from a very important person to read to our students, outlining their dream and how they achieved it.

Thanks to the Kentish Express and The Ashford Advertiser

kentish express feb2013


Ashford Ad

About sifish67

Co-owner of Kip McGrath Education Centres Ashford with wife Sally. Individualised learning programmes designed by fully qualified teachers with enhanced CRB checks. Providing quality education for 6-16 year olds who require tuition in maths, English, 11 , reading, comprehension, spelling and writing. Programmes are designed using a combination of books, worksheets and computer software which are exclusive to Kip McGrath Education Centres
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