Brian Pennock, the owner of Kip McGrath Newcastle has kindly listed the topics that didn’t appear on paper 1 of the edexcel maths exam.

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After analysing Paper 1 of the Edexcel Maths GCSE (1MA0/1H) Higher Tier – Linear GCSE Maths exam on 28th February 2013, here is a list of topics which have not yet been tested and are worth revising over the weekend.

Here goes:

  • Translation
  • Constructing shapes using compasses, protractors and rulers
  • Volume and surface area 
  • Area and perimeter (circumference) including Circles
  • Pythagoras theorem 
  • Trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA, sine rule and cos rule)
  • Mean, median mode and range (raw data, frequency tables and grouped frequency tables)
  • Sampling (describing random sampling, calculating sample size for stratified) sampling
  • Stem and Leaf plots and Pie Charts
  • Timetables problems
  • Probability (listing outcomes, relative frequency etc)
  • Quadratic graphs
  • Gradients of graphs in the form y = mx + c or ax + by = c
  • Inequalities (graphical and algebraically)
  • Trial and improvement
  • Writing expressions
  • Substitution
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Equations of cirles (in the form  X2 +…

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