English and Maths Tuition Ashford

The Kip McGrath Ashford Maths and English tuition service includes:

  • Primary and secondary maths and English
  • Reading, spelling, writing and comprehension tuition
  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia support
  • Kent Test preparation (11+)
  • GCSE Maths and English tuition
  • A level Maths tuition
  • Key Stage 3 end of year exam preparation

After an individual assessment, which is free, an individual programme of work is prepared for your child.   This programme is constantly reviewed and updated with the National Curriculum in mind.

The aim of the centre is to provide a safe, relaxed and friendly environment where students can learn without distractions. Our aim is to give your child the skills and knowledge to make them more successful at school.

We started this blog to provide parents with information about their child’s education. Sally and I feel we have a unique perspective.

We are qualified school teachers, we know the curriculum inside out, have worked in schools for over 25 years combined so know why decisions are made in school, and we’re parents ourselves, we face the same issues as our parents.

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