February Newsletter 2013




 Newsletter February 2013

Exams, Exams, Exams . . .

The spring term is all about getting ready for exams, whether Year 10 and 11 with GCSE’s, Year 6’s with Key Stage 2 SAT’s or Year 5’s with the 11+. The preparation HAS to start NOW.


New SATs for Yr.6 in 2013.  Are you ready? 

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 20.02.26

Major changes have been made to the 2013 SATs exams for Key Stage 2 pupils in the UK.  This year is the first time that children will be doing the spelling, grammar and punctuation exam. There will be no writing paper. Here are some basic facts you need to know:

To read more go to www.kipmcgrathashford.co.uk


Which student are you?

Are you an Einstein? 

Typical C Grade and Above Candidate:

Knows that half the battle with revision is starting

Creates a revision timetable

Uses a variety of revision techniques

Systematically reduces notes to key words

Learns a whole range of material relating to a topic

Uses a variety of approaches to starting revision that are effective

To read more go to www.kipmcgrathashford.co.uk



Revision Tips

 REVISION - No one likes it!


  • Make an early start. When is a good time to start? The beginning of year 11 will help prepare you for mock exams typically held around Xmas.


  • Use all available time. ‘Little and often’ is a brilliant adage to apply. Make time. Snatch time. Don’t expect to study for hours either but build up from shorter periods of intense revision.


  • Leave revision when you’re feeling good; you’ll come back to it feeling good.




  • Link effort and attainment. You get what you work for. This is just as difficult for those who find exams easy as for those who don’t like to try too hard and hope for inspiration. Those students who don’t seem to try hard often come a cropper on exam day.


  • Practise exam questions. Get used to timings. Get used to navigating the paper. Get familiar with the instructions.






Fancy winning a Kindle Fire?


Dream a Big Dream National Writing Competition


We are inviting all Kip students between the ages of 9 – 14 to come along to our FREE writing workshop on Friday 22nd February from 10am – 3pm. Students will have the opportunity to develop their creative writing and also to write and submit their competition entry online during this day. To increase your chances of winning all entries to the national competition will be entered into an Ashford competition too. The lucky winner of the Ashford Competition will receive a KINDLE FIRE.

Sign up for the workshop when you are next in the centre.

To read more about the competition go to www.dreamabigdream.info






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